[ardour-dev] playback levels

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 25 07:16:40 PST 2004


Ardour/GTK: 0.446.0
libardour: 0.724.0

I might have seen some discussion about the following
but didn't catch the conclusion. In fact, I may have
tried reporting it several months back. 

Ardour-mix:playback -> JAMin:input | Jamin:playback ->
Hardware-mixer-out -> Ardour-master-in That is, play
the mix, master it and then record the master in

The difference in playback volume between the
JAMin:playback and Ardour-master:playback is six to
eight db where the Ardour-master:playback is that much
lower in volume. These results happen without
modifying any settings after the capture; pan, levels,

Anyway, do we know what this is, is it user stupidity,
is it a bug that's been reported, or?

Let me know if I should test something and report the
results or file a bug report.


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