[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sun Feb 15 20:27:01 PST 2004

   * fix crashing bug when operating a lone automation control point
   * track context menus are more context sensitive
   * bounce to disk renamed "freeze"
   * fix bounce to disk so that it works without noise
   * plugins (+ other redirects) now have undo/redo state 
       (but used currently only for freeze/unfreeze)
   * plugins + other inserts disabled after freeze
   * cannot embed or import audio with no session
   * embedding a file with the wrong SR shows warning
   * no JACK connection shows up as a GUI warning
   * call setsid() to disconnect from tty group 
   * fix more issues with zoom+repos+zoom focus
   * catch zero-length keyboard bindings
   * "Edit" for redirect display context menu now works
   * "latency" output control port for LADSPA not shown in GUI
   * region sync point now visible again
   * fixes from timbyr for selection redisplay
   * major fixes to xfades w.r.t. playlist notification
   * major fix to Curve objects w.r.t undo/redo operations
       not forcing recomputation of slope coefficients
   * fixed positioning of default xfade control points to be double,
       not jack_nframes_t
   * auto-return button now forces playhead to work correctly
       rather than ignoring the "return"
   * fix egregious member duplication between IO and StateManager

   * ardour/gtk: 0.446.0
     libardour:  0.724.0    

Ardour 0.9beta10 release coming up ...

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