[ardour-dev] change is in the air ...

Taybin Rutkin taybin at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 7 06:48:11 PST 2004

The problem is that the new server doesn't support pserver.  I'd like to see anoncvs to, but I think it would require someone else to host it.


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Paul Davis wrote:
> CVS access is now limited to developers with write permission *BUT*
> automated nightly tarballs and diffs will be available starting from
> tonight. See http://ardour.org/download.html for details. Taybin also
> plans to install ViewCVS or some other similar tool to provide
> anonymous CVS browsing and statistics.

any chances for anoncvs to return? it's just sooo much more 
convenient than diff tarballs, and probably just as 
bandwidth-efficient if people use -z (a little harder on cpu, i admit).

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