[ardour-dev] change is in the air ...

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Feb 6 20:28:58 PST 2004

As of this moment, SourceForge is no longer the home of the Ardour
project. We are now located at ardour.org, hosted by dreamhost.com,
which is also hosting other domains that I manage/own
(linuxaudiosystems.com, equalarea.com).

All mailing lists have moved to ardour.org:

	 ardour-dev at lists.ardour.org
	 ardour-users at lists.ardour.org
	 ardour-cvs at lists.ardour.org

We hope to move Sam Chessman's archives of ardour-dev + ardour-users
from tux.org to the new site. Archives and search facilities are
provided; for best results, we encourage you to use Google when

CVS access is now limited to developers with write permission *BUT*
automated nightly tarballs and diffs will be available starting from
tonight. See http://ardour.org/download.html for details. Taybin also
plans to install ViewCVS or some other similar tool to provide
anonymous CVS browsing and statistics.

Please update links, email aliases and so forth to reflect this


ps. huge thanks to Steve Harris for pointing us to dreamhost.com,
    a commercial hosting service that seem to really know
    what they are doing, and charges less too! You can donate 10% of
    your hosting fees by mentioning ardour.org as your referrer
    if you choose to use their services.

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