[ardour-dev] Gain automation twitchiness

Joel White cv223 at comcast.net
Wed Dec 22 18:35:29 PST 2004

I see the twitching fader using beta19.  I also haven't heard a problem, 
and there does seem to be some regularity to the twitch.  I just built 
beta22, so I'll see if it happens there.


Mark Knecht wrote:

>   I've seen this also. I'm on something earlier than beta22. What I
>see is the master fader jumping down to -inf and back to the proper
>level. I do not hear any problems so I assume that it's jsut a
>graphics problem.
>   It often also happen on my system in time with the music - i.e. -
>at beat 0 in a new bar. Don't ask me why. Go figure... ;-)
>- Mark
>On Wed, 22 Dec 2004 06:43:10 -0500, Joe Hartley <jh at brainiac.com> wrote:
>>I have 2 tracks in a session that have gain automation on them.  I
>>noticed that beta22 introduced a "twitchiness" on playback/export.
>>The levels will jump momentarily to levels they were never set to.
>>As an example, I have a vocal track set to -2.2dB for a certain
>>section of the song, and at -0.9dB for others.  The level jumps up
>>to zero once or twice a second in some parts of the song!
>>There also seems to me some co-mingling of automation data.  I have
>>a gutar track that runs at -5.9dB for parts of the song, and I see
>>that level being jumped to by the vocal track.  The vocal track
>>ends up at that level every time, even though I just went and re-wrote
>>the gain automation, and it was set at -0.9dB at the end.
>>This may have something to do with the mis-assignment of gain automation
>>data that I'd noticed and reported last night, when the vocal automation
>>got assigned to my master track.
>>Here's a cut-n-paste of the automation file for the vocal submix.
>>There aren't nearly as many data points on here as there were "twitches".
>>version 1
>>g 11264 1
>>g 157696 1
>>g 168960 0.902243
>>g 180224 0.799211
>>g 191488 0.722795
>>g 214016 0.722795
>>g 225280 0.799211
>>g 236544 0.799211
>>g 247808 0.741411
>>g 270336 0.741411
>>g 281600 0.779616
>>g 4595712 0.779616
>>g 4606976 0.799211
>>g 4618240 0.819139
>>g 4629504 0.839403
>>g 4640768 0.839403
>>g 4652032 0.860007
>>g 4663296 0.880952
>>g 4685824 0.880952
>>g 4697088 0.902243
>>g 6904832 0.902243
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