[ardour-dev] 0.9beta19 crash while doing live recording

R Parker rtp405 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 20 10:17:31 PST 2004

--- Doug McLain <nostar at comcast.net> wrote:

> Josh Karnes wrote:
> > Hey all-
> >
> > I had sort of a "jam session" at my house last

> xrun.  Since you got disk tream errors, though, my
> next suggestion would 
> be to turn off live waveform updating.  I can record
> all night on my 
> faster machines (athlon xp's), but I have a 600 P3
> machine doing 8 
> tracks that will get really sluggish and sometimes
> die with disk stream 
> errors as well, if I leave it on. 

This is bringing back some memories. I turned off
waveform editing and switched to a virtual desktop
where Ardour wasn't running and that definitely helped
the situation.

I don't see the correlation between disk stream errors
and waveform updates. Any thoughts on that?

I do see alot of diskstream errors when attempting to
FFW/REW. There are times when I can consistenly create
the error with Play engaged and then Rew (MMC) to
00:00:00:00 when the Play head hits the very beginning
the error occurs. Let it roll five seconds and bounce
it back to the top. How could there be a stream error
in that situation? This occurs on IDE and hardware
SCSI raid arrays.

I seldomly see diskstream errors with eight or less
tracks. It happens all the time with 16 tracks.


> To really know if this stuff pertains to you, we
> need some more info.  
> Let's hear more about your hardware, config, etc.
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