[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Mon Dec 13 09:00:04 PST 2004

   * playlists now have "frozen" property. 
          - frozen playlists cannot be selected by any track. they are
	    accessible only by freezing or re-freezing a track.

   * rec-enable buttons and playlist selector buttons start out
           insensitive if a track is frozen at load time

   * fixed silly thinko that made is appear that JACK had zero
            physical inputs and outputs

   * 0.849.0  libardour
     0.545.2  ardour/gtk

The "Before 1.0" list now looks as shown below. This is not to say
that there are not some other issues to solve, but they are mostly
ones caused by recent work (I get a moderately predictable failure to
make internal JACK port connections, for example), and so will get
shaken out before 0.99.

<li> cleanup issues
<li> snap crackle pop at punch ins
<li> import external file crash
<li> protux keys + selection model

<li>  clock tick field working
<li>  region list menu cleanup
<li>  edit region length from region editor clocks
<li>  zoom tool show (-) when ctrl is pressed
<li>  tap reverb combo list snafu
<li>  #271 (something related still happens)
<li>  #740
<li>  #735

for 1.0
<li> full template set
<li> disk i/o tool
<li> latency tester
<li> static linkage?
<li> icon
<li> check ALSA MIDI configuration
<li> sample session?
<li> modular theme

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