[ardour-dev] New releases of Jack and Ardour?

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu Dec 9 17:27:11 PST 2004

>Paul had mentioned the package release of Beta 23 and has also illuded 
>to the fact that some of the new features or fixes in Ardour require the 
>latest cvs of Jack?
>Is there a possibility that there will be official beta 23 (or maybe 
>24?) of Ardour and like 0.99.18 of Jack soon?

0.101.0 of JACK is in the planning stages. there are several things we
want to get ready for it. I predict 3-10 days away to a release.

Ardour does not require the newer JACK, but some MTC slaving will only
work reasonably well with some code that isn't even in JACK CVS yet :)


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