[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Wed Dec 8 14:12:14 PST 2004

   * Ardour now handles JACK buffer size changes
      - note: VST plugins are likely not correctly handled 
              at this time
   * move JACK related material to its own top-level menu bar item
   * better handling of JACK multiple disconnect/reconnect actions

   * add control for JACK buffer setting to that menu

   * make reconnect/disconnect to/from JACK sensitive at the
      right times.

   * finally (?) fix mouse mode buttons to work correctly
         at startup AND change default bindings of "r"
	 and "g"

   * remove "disk rate" metering stuff from GUI

   * fix 2 valgrind-revealed errors

   * 0.847.0

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