[ardour-dev] latest commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Dec 7 22:10:28 PST 2004

   * ardour now handles lack of JACK ports with grace, if not style.

   * ardour can be disconnected and reconnected to JACK without
         apparent problems. Until JACK infrastructure (qjackctl, other
	 clients) better supports dynamic period size changes, use
	 this to alter the latency without existing Ardour, or to
	 reconnect to alternate h/w. Etc. etc.

   * session comes up clean after loading

   * end point of session is correctly restored after loading

   * track context menu -> Paste split into Paste at edit cursor
         or Paste at mouse. Ctrl-v always does Paste at edit cursor. 

   * fix for misleading visual state of redisplayed GtkFileSelector
        when opening multiple sessions

   * all multichannel tracks create files suffixed with ?{R,L,[a-z]}
         to indicate which channel corresponds to which file.
	 This is a small change from a recent modification - now
	 even the stereo case uses "?" as a delimiter, so that 
	 importing a file called YOUR.WAV doesn't create regions
	 called "you" :)
   * do not save pending state when stopping after recording,
         only when locating while rec-enabled (logic bug). This
	 will avoid the mysterious "session has pending state"
	 situation that crops up from time to time.

   * new ArdourMessage GUI object

   * ardour/gtk: 0.542.0
     libardour:  0.846.0

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