[ardour-dev] The new pan paradigm

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Aug 24 06:33:59 PDT 2004

>> possibly correct. i'd be pretty interested to know if PT's panning
>> system tries to compensate for this. the manual says absolutely
>> nothing about it, and i suspect not.
>How could it, and why would it? Reverbs dont usually have a 'pan' control

i didn't mean the reverb, i meant the panning. PT lets you do exactly
the same thing that ardour does - independently pan each channel of a

>> "send" is the key here. you were using the reverb as an insert, you
>> need to use it as with a "send" topology.
>IME sends are usually stereo (or 5.1, or whatever you're working with).

ardour sends can have any channel configuration, mono => N channels.


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