[ardour-dev] Fade/normalise/split bugs.

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Sat Aug 7 15:05:09 PDT 2004

philicorda wrote on Sun, 08-Aug-2004:

 > 2: Split regions take their fades from the unsplit regions.
 > Linked to the first, I think. If you split a region that has a fade 
 > in+out the new regions have equivalent fades either side of the split.
 > There should never be an automatic fade at a split.

I agree.

 > 4: Odd fade out behaviour.
 > Fadeouts sometimes jump, with a click, rather than fading smoothly.
 > The jump happens at a different place every time, and sometimes not at 
 > all. It goes from full to the correct place in the fade without the 
 > first part of the fade happening.

I've seen this too.

I removed the philicorda user, i note that there is also a philicordas
user, which i left alone for now.  If you haven't already, go
ahead and file all that stuff (some may be already).


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