[ardour-dev] Fade/normalise/split bugs.

philicorda philicorda at ntlworld.com
Sun Aug 8 12:27:36 PDT 2004

I'm using Ardour 0.9 beta 19.
jackd -R -p 512 -d alsa -d hw:0 -r 44100

There are a few little bugs with splits+fades. I can't find these in 
Mantis, so I will post them here.
I would appreciate it if someone would remove the user 'philicorda' 
email 'philicorda at ntlworld.com' from Mantis, so I can have another go at 
registering there. This first round of tests are done with a single mono 
track with a sine wave. I'll get to the nastier ones later. :)

1: Clicks at splits.

Splitting a track causes a click at the place where it is split.
This is due to there being a tiny fade in/out on the tracks either side 
of the at the split point. It cannot be removed by dragging the fade 
handles, but can be removed by disabling the fades in the region editor 

To reproduce, record a sine wave, split it a few times.

2: Split regions take their fades from the unsplit regions.

Linked to the first, I think. If you split a region that has a fade 
in+out the new regions have equivalent fades either side of the split.

There should never be an automatic fade at a split.

3: Split regions are no longer normalised.

If you normalise a region, then split it, the two new regions are not 
normalised any more.

4: Odd fade out behaviour.

Fadeouts sometimes jump, with a click, rather than fading smoothly.
The jump happens at a different place every time, and sometimes not at 
all. It goes from full to the correct place in the fade without the 
first part of the fade happening.

To reproduce, record a 440 sine wave, do a fade out and play the fade a 
few times.

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