[ardour-dev] ardour 0.9beta19 released

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Fri Aug 6 18:27:10 PDT 2004

(not the "feature complete" release I was planning, but the list
 of changes is enough to warrant a new beta number)

Changes since 0.9beta18.4:

   * optimization flags patch from rob holland
   * drag-n-drop onto the editor track area where there is no track
         creates an appropriate track (or multiple, if appropriate)
   * URL-decode drag-n-dropped filenames
   * numlock can no longer mess up region dragging
         - if numlock generates whatever "Meta" is supposed to be
	   then Ardour changes its notion of what Meta is.
	 - if you see a warning about this in the terminal at
	   startup, you should fix your keyboard map using xmodmap
	   or equivalent
   * remove debugging output from process() tree
   * removed VST audiomaster callback debugging output
   * UI for VST plugins now offers presets
   * VST plugins now save and restore their state
         - "chunk"-using plugins are not yet supported
   * initial tempo and meter markers cannot be moved, even after
   * when cleaning up, prompt user about
       each unused playlist (options are
       delete, keep, cancel cleanup)
   * never decrease the number of panning buffers
   * Can't create a new session on top of an old one anymore.  It didn't
       overwrite the old session, but you would get 2 master tracks and
       whatever was in the template, if any.
   * freezing tracks
      - implementation of freeze completely redone
      - unfreeze now works across invocations of ardour, so you
          can freeze, exit, restart and unfreeze.
      - freeze hides any insert editors, makes rec-enable
          and redirect display widgets insensitive and
	  locks the new region.
      - freeze can be used over and over again
   * reworked relationship between bounce + freeze
   * removed "Loop Region", renamed "Loop Selected Region" as "Loop
       Region" because of click-selects selection model
   * finally made solo button in mixer strip have the same font size
      as other buttons
   * removed edit history button and associated code from editor track
   * removed "automation style" buttons since they did nothing
   * more automation line + point patches from gerard
   * fix a couple of valgrind complaints
   * region trimming now obeys ignore-snap modifier
   * search unused playlists in Session::playlist_by_name()
   * added 2-phase unserialization mechanism (Session::StateReady signal)
   * empty playlists assigned to correct diskstream at startup
   * removed some debug printfs and some dead code
   * make Shift_R work like Shift_L
   * fix crashing bug with zero-length fade ins
   * internationalize all editor operation strings
   * transport control is insensitive when there is no session
   * fix problems with "region->fill track" where region is at or
      beyond current session end
   * new mixer strips use the current default width setting
   * always save to snapshot
   * snapshotting changes the current snapshot to whatever was saved
   * delete click_io object at session close, thus allowing new
      sessions to load correctly
   * fix problem with code ordering in normalize-region operation
         (undo after normalize-then-cut will now do the right thing)
   * force selection.clear() in file selection browsers when widget
         selections are cleared  

   * committed patches so that ardour now compiles with gcc-3.4.  There were
     several patches from multiple people.  So please let me know if I missed
   * patch from nick_m that fixes a problem with the editor-mixer

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