[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Tue Apr 27 19:31:42 PDT 2004

  * the "It's more or less what I get to demo at LAD at ZKM" commit
  * except you forgot about the plane ;)

  * add global configuration option to turn auto-xfading on/off
  * support for ALSA sequencer ports (thanks to Karsten)
  * removed "toggle-auto-xfade" keyboard action
  * ensure that Splice/Slide editing mode is correctly indicated at
  * delay setting editing mode till later in Session::set_state() to
     avoid destroying playlist structure if in Splice mode
  * added "edit left", "edit right" menu items to Crossfade context
  * "Insert chunk" now works again (select track, select chunk,
      position edit cursor, context-click->Edit->Insert Chunk). One
      day, drag-n-drop will be possible to make this easier. Its not
      perfect though - the actual chunk creation step seems to
      have the wrong idea of the end.
  * if JACK transport master, stop transport at session loading
  * if JACK time master, seek to session transport frame when loading
  * declick over min (4096,nframes) instead of min(64,nframes)
      to remove artifacts at larger period sizes (i hope)
  * add possibly_splice() calls to more playlist operations to keep
      spliced tracks spliced, so to speak
  * much improved VST plugin support (old stuff was seriously
  * use fstconfig files, not .dll loading, to discover VST plugins
  * fix nasty 1-line buglet in region reverse code affecting regions
     less than 256k samples
  * avoid multiply queuing regions in peak build list

  libardour: 0.801.0
  libmidi++: 1.9.0
  ardour/gtk: 0.501.0


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