[ardour-dev] Denormalisation

Sampo Savolainen v2 at iki.fi
Tue Apr 27 01:16:58 PDT 2004


This subject has been talked over and over before I got really interested in
doing / recording music with computers. I'm saying this to cover my back - I
don't know if this has already been done in Ardour.

I've a few had problems which seem like denormalisation issues. In case
someone reading this doesn't know what it is, you should read 
http://phonophunk.phreakin.com/p4denormal.php . In short, it's got to do
with processors handling very very very small floating point numbers very

>From reading the third chapter of the guide, I saw something I never heard
about. There is a register called XMM (in the P4), where you can set DAZ
'Denormals Are Zero' which tells the processor that instead of going into
the very slow 'high percision mode', it should treat denormals as zero. From
what I understand, this has solved a lot of problems with audio plugins.

(for DAZ see http://aulos.calarts.edu/pipermail/music-dsp/2001-May/010182.html)

And now for the question. Does Ardour set DAZ if the processor supports it?


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