[ardour-dev] latest (MAMMOTH) CVS commit

Pete Bessman ninjadroid at ml1.net
Thu Apr 22 14:16:26 PDT 2004

At Thu, 22 Apr 2004 16:50:39 -0400,
Paul Davis wrote:
> Background
> ----------
> About 10 days, we noticed that the panning model inside Ardour was
> completely wrong. Not just the mathematics of the pan law, but the
> actual software architecture of panning. Fixing this has required a
> massive set of changes to Ardour's basic data flow and a lot of subtle
> changes to a lot of code. 

Wow, I don't know how I missed this discussion on the list.  If it's
not too much trouble, can you give me a one-liner about what was
wrong?  I'd hate to be making the same mistake in my own code.


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