[ardour-dev] latest CVS commit

Paul Davis paul at linuxaudiosystems.com
Sun Apr 11 21:26:39 PDT 2004

  * move "optimization flags" setting into a global autoconf file,
      and call AM_OPT_FLAGS from most configure scripts
  * increase size of UI request pool
  * increase size of UI request ringbuffer
  * finally get all tracks connected to ins+outs
      when using "auto-connect" options.
      (previously only the first N tracks
       would be connected, where N was the 
       number of physical i/o's on
       your audio interface)
  * generalize plugin GUIs to support VST
      plugins without "editors"
  * make persistence work for VST plugin
      presence (not for their state)
  * prevent GTK from loading its default
      RC files at all costs.
  * fix gcc 3.3 "bug" in libsoundtouch
  * start to use the new BarController widget in plugin GUIs
  libgtkmmext: 5.6.2
  libardour: 0.738.0
  ardour/gtk: 0.464.0

note: the move to barcontroller has broken quite a bit of
functionality associated with plugin GUI faders. it will all be back

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