[ardour-dev] lrdf versions

Jon Coker jon.coker at att.net
Sat Apr 10 20:45:45 PDT 2004

Sorry if this is a stupid question:  I recently installed rosegarden4 from 
rpm, which among other things required liblrdf.so.2 (version > 0.3.0) which I 
also installed, but in the process liblrdf.so.0 was superceeded.   Now (of 
course) ardour will neither run nor compile.

What is the usual remedy for these types of problems?  Sure, I can get back to 
where I was, but  is there a way to compile ardour with the latest liblrdf, 
or a convenient way to "switch" environments between .so.2 and .so.0?   

I appreciate any pointers.    Jon

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